Harvesters Teens SAP

In the transformative year of 2020, Oluwatosin spearheaded a significant initiative by co-organizing a Teens Skills Acquisition Program in collaboration with Harvesters, impacting the lives of hundreds of young minds at a government school in Lagos, Nigeria. Alongside a dedicated team, over eight hundred students were provided with invaluable training, equipping them with essential skills for personal and professional growth.

The program extended its impact beyond the initial training, as ten exceptional students earned scholarships to further their skills development with partnering training companies. This initiative not only laid the foundation for practical skill acquisition but also opened doors for these deserving individuals to pursue more advanced training, fostering a brighter future for each scholarship recipient. The success of this program was a testament to the power of investing in the youth and empowering them with the tools necessary to thrive. Oluwatosin’s commitment to fostering education and skill development left an enduring mark on the community, illustrating the positive change that can be achieved through dedicated efforts and collaborative endeavors.


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